ROCAAT Summer Reading Theme Song 

Written by: Gwendolyn Bell and William Robinson 

I learn to read. I read to learn. 

I live and grow as the world turns. 


Reading is fun. Reading is cool. 

Reading is the Universal rule. 


I open a book. I let my mind explore. 

I read one book and I read two more. 


The more I know the more I see. 

I’m just trying to be all I can be. 


Spread my wings! And let my mind free! 

Spread my wings! And let my mind free! 

Spread my wings! And let my mind free! 

I spread my wings! And let my mind free! 

We appreciate uniforms (all sizes), shoes (all sizes), school supplies (all grades), book bags, summer reading books, children juice boxes, chips, candy treats, fruit, sandwich bags, monetary gifts, volunteers, prayers. 


Financial Contributions accepted by cash, check,money order or online at to

Make a difference in the life of children and families by serving as a volunteer or a sponsor. College students are eligible to recieve college credit for their hours of service. 

Reaching One Community At A Time (R.O.C.A.A.T) Ministries aims to help students in K-12 complete their summer reading requirements with an understanding of the reading and the ability to relay this understanding to their teacher in the upcoming year via paper or verbal presentation, whichever the school requires. 

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